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Bulldog Owner's Guide

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Mr. Bulldog Owner's Guide


First of all you will need a place your new puppy can call his or her own.

You may want to purchase a crate two feet by three feet. Purchase one that has a place to hang water and food bowls. The crate will be used to housebreak your puppy, a safe place for your puppy when you are away, and a place for your puppy to sleep.

The choice is yours, you know best what kind of schedule you'll be keeping. If you don't want a crate for your new puppy a nice doggy bed will do just fine as long as you are still able to confine you puppy.


You will want to feed your new bulldog puppy food four times a day until he is three months of age, from three to six months of age feed three times a day, from six to twelve months of age feed two times a day, when your Bully is one year old feed once or twice a day.

Switch your Bulldog to adult dog food at 10-12 months of age.

Always have plenty of water available for your Bulldog all the time. Feed your new puppy dog food that is all natural.

DO NOT FEED BULLDOGS SOY! Some Bulldogs are allergic to soy. When soy filler is mixed with water it will expand and can cause gastric tortion that may be fatal to your Bulldog.

Follow the amount recommended on the bag of food and adjust it to your feeding schedule.



All new puppies will chew on most anything. Purchase safe chew toys for your puppy.

These toys should be almost indestructible.You will want to teach your new puppy what he is allowed to chew on. Never buy your puppy any toy he can swallow or get stuck in his throat. Nylon chew toys are safe and are available at most all pet stores. Chew toys will help in your Bully's dental hygiene. Don't give your bulldog puppy rawhide sticks, pig ears and pig hooves these are not safe chew toys.


Your crate will be your aid in housebreaking your Bully.

Put your puppy in the crate when you are not home and to sleep in during the night. As soon as your puppy is let out of its crate take it outside and do not allow it to come back in until it goes. (A little praise goes a long way) Most all dogs will not soil where they sleep if they are left out often enough.


Bulldogs overheat easily. This can be from the temperture, excitement, exercise, or stress.

Bulldogs can die from heat exhaustion. Whenever you and your Bulldog are out in warm weather take water with you. If you are going to be out for a while take along ice and lemon juice. If your Bulldog begins to overheat and starts to bring up phlegm you must act quickly to cool him down. Get your bully out of the heat. Squirt lemon juice in his mouth to clear away the phlegm. Put a wet towel on him and keep him calm. If your Bulldog goes down from heat exhaustion, and his tongue turns blue. Wet him with cold water or cool him with ice. Lay him in ice or cool water if you can. You must bring his body temperture down.



Bulldogs who have elongated palates and sometimes vomit or bring up phlegm.

This is normal . If your Bulldog is doing it constantly when he is not overheated or excited consult your Vet.



Bulldogs are not natural swimmers.

Never leave your Bulldog unattended near swimming pools, the ocean, lakes, or other bodies of water.



Keep your bulldog away from these dangerous substances.

They act like poisons even if they seem like everyday items. Bulldogs need to stay away from antifreeze, chocolate, onions, lawn chemicals, rodenticides, etc.



Keep you Bully's wrinkles clean and dry.

Wipe all of the folds on his face with a wet towel, then dry them really good. Once they're nice and dry, sprinkle in some gold bond medicated powder and he's all done.


Your new puppy will require an initial series of four vaccinations.

Yearly boosters are required after the initial series. Follow your veterinarians recommendations, Your Vet will tell you what the State Law is requiring rabies vaccination.



It is not uncommon for a puppy to have an umbilical hernia

This is usually caused by rupture of the umbilical cord from birth, the bitch chewing on that area or the failure for it to not close. This is not generally a genetic problem in the Bulldog breed and once it closes (which it usually will on its own by 16 weeks) will cause no lasting or long term effect on the dog. If it does not close then at that time it may need surgical closure.

A dime size or less hernia is considered to be just that, a hernia. An abdominal wall defect is considerably larger often up to half dollar size and may need immediate attention. This to will cause no long term effect once corrected. Umbilical hernia is not usually a genetic condition, unless multiple occurrences in multiple litters were noted. In the Bulldog breed it would only be considered genetic if it has occurred in other litters, in the line or pedigree, the bitches siblings litters, the stud dog, his parents or the bitch herself had it. Your Bulldog will be fine and live a normal life. Unlike many breeds where hernia is often believed to be genetic it's not usually the case in the bulldog. Again, it goes back to what the breeder's past record with this condition is.


~This is only a guide to help you with your new Best Friend. Any major life threatening problems should immediately be referred to your veterinarian.


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