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ALL of the puppies MUST go home!

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9432 Whitter blvd. Pico Rivera,
CA 90660, USA
Mon: 12:00 PM-7:00 PM
Tue-Wed: 8:00 AM-7:00 PM
Thu-Sat: 9:00 AM-7:00 PM
Sun: 11:00 AM-7:00 PM

We are based in Pico Rivera, but we welcome everyone from RANCHO CUCAMONGA as well.

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Hydro Surge Massage Therapy
Hydro Surge Massage Therapy
Spoil your pet!
Keeping your dogs and cats clean is an important ritual both for you and your pets. (Our services include: Cut, Bath, Flea Dip, Ears, Nails, & Sanitary Trim)
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Got a beautiful english bulldog from Mr. Bulldog.

We cannot be more satisfied, took her for a first check up and our vet says that she looks great. Se is healthy and and happy and we cannot imagine our live without her. She got her first grooming today and everything went great. We will definitely be back!


Mr. Bulldog specializes in bulldogs and they have the most adorable puppies ever! Compared to other pet stores I have gone, Mr. Bulldog is phenomenal! The moment I walked in, I expected the pet store smell. Nope! The pet store was clean and fresh! They had many selections of dog supplies to choose from and even adorable pets! The manager was extremely helpful when i bought my puppy there and I love her today. SHOULD DEFINETILY GO TO MR BULLDOG BECAUSE THEY WILL SERVE YOU WELL! :D


if you want a healthy puppy this is the place to go

This is where I purchased my Yorki-Chi

I got him at 3 months old & he's the cutest puppy ever. I also purchased the insurance, playpen, bed, water bottle, food, shampoo, brush, bowl, & everything I needed to take him home. Jay is really nice. He truly cares about the animals. I can call/email him with any questions I have, which he'll respond back almost immediately. He gives me great deals for doggie motel, grooming, & everything else I need to spoil my puppy with. I would recommend this place to everyone. This is where I will buy my other puppies & pets. Thanks guys!

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Airedale Terrier Mix(1) American Bully(2) Basset Hound BEAGLE(6) Bichon Frise(8) Boston Terrier(3) BOSTON-CHIHUAHUA (2) BOXER BULL TERRIER(15) Cavalier King Charles(2) Chihuahua(69) CHIHUAHUA MIX(1) CHIHUAHUA-PEKINGESE Chiweenie(10) CHORKIE(9) CHOW-CHOW CHUG(5) Cocka-Chon(2) COCKA-SHIH TZU(4) Cocka-Tzu(3) Cockapoo(80) Cocker Spaniel(3) Dachshund DACHSHUND-TERRIER MIX Doberman Pinscher(1) English Bulldog(451) English Shepherd(2) French Bulldog(94) German Shepherd(30) GOLDEN RETRIEVER(14) GOLDENDOODLE(4) HAVANESE(1) Husky-Poodle(2) JACKRUSSEL-CHIHUAHUA Labrador Retriever(32) Labrador Retriever Mix(1) LHASA-POO(2) LONG HAIR CHIHUAHUA Long Hair Chihuahua(1) Maltese(28) MALTESE-CHIHUAHUA(1) MALTESE-POMERANIAN(3) Maltese-ShihTzu(11) MALTI-POO(73) Miniature Dachshund(10) Miniature Pinscher(3) Miniature Schnauzer(2) Mlatipoo-Terrier Hybrid(1) MORKI-POO(1) MORKIE(14) OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE(12) PEKAPOO(2) Pekingese-Chihuahua(2) PEKINGESE-MALTESE(2) PEKINGESE-SHIH TZU(5) Pembroke Welshi Corgi(2) POMERANIAN(10) Pomeranian-Chihuahua Mix(10) Pomeranian-Poodle(8) POO-MERANIAN POODLE(4) POODLE-CHIHUAHUA (4) PUG(30) ROTTWEILER(10) SCHNOODLE Scottish Terrier(2) SHEPHERD-HUSKY MIX(4) SHIBA INU(14) Shih Tzu(8) SHIH-POO(3) SIBERIAN HUSKY(12) t-cup maltese VALLEY BULLDOG(3) WELSH CORGI West Highland Terrier(2) Yorki-Chihuahua Mix Yorki-Nauzer(1) Yorki-Pom(1) YORKI-SHIHTZU YORKIE-POO(31) YORKSHIRE TERRIER(5) Yorkshire Terrier(53) RANCHO CUCAMONGA